After ten years of travel, these are my 65 of the best travel tips that I have learned. I have taken these with me on every international trip I’ve made. And I use many of these when I go back home. I hope you keep these in mind the next time you read a travel article.

The best travel tips are the ones that will help you get the best value for your money. If you go to a travel magazine, you will see ads from hotels and restaurants. Often they are not the best deals you can find. Instead they are trying to get you to make the first booking they can. If you were going to travel, rather than paying for accommodations, for example, you might be able to find better deals if you traveled to places where the local people were familiar with you. And one of the best travel tips for this is: Make friends with the locals.

You know that feeling when you are walking through a city and you overhear two or three random conversations. You are never sure what you are going to hear next, but you assume it will be helpful. These are the best travel tips for when you travel to a foreign country: never assume anything. When you are conversing with locals, especially locals that speak English, make sure you are completely aware of what they are saying.

If you don’t know what the best travel tips are for your trip, you should start by reading Tripadvisor reviews. The TripAdvisor website is the most popular travel website in the world. Every night, thousands of travelers come here and leave their reviews. Some of them are gems, while others are almost always glowing.

One of my best travel tips is if you are ever stuck in a strange place, try asking a random local who is like a tourist and never knows you and just as importantly, always speaks English. This will give you the best travel advice, since locals speak English like hello, and you will feel welcome. On the flip side, if you want to make sure you don’t get lost, always try to go to a place where there is a bus or taxi standing by.

Another of my best travel tips is using travel insurance. This will protect you if anything happens during your trip. However, I highly recommend using travel insurance to save money first. If your trip has a poor airfare or if you have to fly standby due to a bad airline, then skip getting an insurance plan. I have saved myself hundreds of dollars doing this, so check out my site for more information.

My final travel tips is that you should always carry at least one bank card and a credit card. No matter where you go, you will always find facilities to add cash/points to your bank cards. This will give you a bit more purchasing power and can often save you up to 10% on any purchases.

These are some of my best travel tips for solo travelers. I would say that the above tips are always valid. Always pack light, stay in hostels and take advantage of credit cards whenever possible. Save money wherever possible, and always carry bank cards and maybe a traveler’s check book as well. These will help you have a better experience while traveling and will help you save money in the process.

Finally, here is one of my solo travel tips. Try not to be a tourist when visiting foreign countries. Sure, you will save money by touring other people’s countries, but tourists are a drain on local economies. And the locals might look down on you for touring without a return trip!

Here’s my travel tip for backpackers: Try not to get a cheap flight! There are a lot of reasons why you want to save money by visiting cheap places but never know why. You never know when you might land yourself a really good deal. Never assume that just because a place is cheap it’s a good deal either. Look for discount coupons and airline tickets, and you could save a lot of money.

In closing, remember that it’s best not to try too hard to save money. There are always ways to cut corners and find cheap flights and cheap hotels and eating in cheap restaurants. If you want to spend less, you should know what to look for and never assume anything. And last but not least, make sure you get some hiking tours in your travels, so that you can eat well and save money too!